about VelvetMusic Dordrecht...

VelvetMusic Dordrecht is a well-known and trusted face in Dordrecht and the surrounding area. Run by two music addicted brothers who like to share their passion for music. This makes VelvetMusic Dordrecht the place where every music lover can find their way for the best records and CDs.

Simpele Fons
Originally founded in 1973 under the name Simpele Fons, the store was known as a specialty store for pop and rock music. In 1996 Simpele Fons was taken over by the two brothers and retained its special status. Due to a sharp purchasing nose, they offered a different range compared to the V&D's and Free Records Shops of that time.

Due to the cramped dimensions and an uncooperative landlord of the dilapidated building on the Kleine Spuistraat, the gentlemen moved to the Vriesestraat in 2001. With this move they also joined VelvetMusic, a purchasing group for independent record and CD stores, which became Simpele Fons VelvetMusic Dordrecht. In addition to the strong offer of better pop music, the collection also expanded at that time with jazz, hip-hop, blues and soul/funk, both on CD and vinyl.

Het Magazijn
Seventeen years later, the next step was taken and VelvetMusic Dordrecht became part of Het Magazijn; an initiative of Peter Paul. In an innovative concept in which a restaurant, art library, gallery and various specialty shops can be found under one roof, Velvet is now a vibrant meeting place to enjoy a pleasant environment and good music.

The trusted range of VelvetMusic Dordrecht has been expanded even further in Het Magazijn, in particular with an even larger collection of vinyl. Visit VelvetMusic Dordrecht to find your favorite music carrier or to be surprised by the great musical knowledge of the two brothers. In the unlikely event that the album you were looking for is not available, they can almost always help to arrange it for you.